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the team



FOLIO is a family of made in Italy lamps designed by you, online. Thanks to our powerful configurator modify the shape and find your design to create a bespoke collection for your projects in minutes. 


FOLIO is a system that gives everyone a chance to design their own custom furniture and create unique environments. Design a collection of furniture in minutes and simply place the order or get a specification list directly online.


Simple and elegant materials such as wood become digital and malleable thanks to the patented WOOD-SKIN® technology, all objects of the collection are digitally malleable and then produced thanks to revolutionary WOOD-SKIN® digital fabrication process. We are happy to present to you our first product, a never-ending collection of lamps that fold like origami. But we are not stopping here, stay tuned for tables that become flat, libraries that are assembled in a second and without any tools.


FOLIO is a brand and a family of furniture for contemporary and mobile life, made in Italy design pieces easy to assemble highly customized for each of your projects.


FOLIO is flexible

Our pieces use WOOD-SKIN® digital hinge technology to make them foldable and easy to assemble/disassemble. This means fast lead time, flat shipping, and fresh look.


FOLIO is flat

Once folded all our pieces become flat: flat-shipped to cut the costs and emission, flat-packed when you need to move, flat-stored when you don’t need them for a while and always ready to be re-assembled.


FOLIO is configurable

Whether you need a bookshelf to fit precisely in your room or want to express your creativity making one-of-a-kind lamp, it’s all easily achievable with our parametrically designed products and the powerful configurator interface.


FOLIO is made of advanced materials  which are lightweight and have specifically studied finishes with high-end wood veneers or smart nano-tech polymer laminates to fit every project certification and your interiors and taste

FOLIO is a new production paradigm where you (finally) become the creator of your own designs then quickly produced thanks to our very own and very sustainable direct file to the machine process. All products are delivered flat and assembled directly on-site without special tools.


WOOD-SKIN® is a patented digital fabrication process able to translate any design into one-of-a-kind, self-structured, three-dimensional surface.


The combination of proprietary software, composite materials, and CNC machines helps architects and designers to bridge the gap between digital representation and the building environment.



Through software, complex surfaces are easily managed and tessellated. The surface is unfolded and highly optimized to be produced and shipped flat on-site, where it is folded back into the designed 3D shape.





At FOLIO we believe that technology is a great creativity medium, that innovation has to bring more freedom and possibilities to express ourselves.


We believe that by combining the right innovative technologies great potential can be unlocked. We have put together new composite materials with advanced manufacturing and parametric web-based design to give you the freedom to create a new generation of furniture.

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